UbiquiOS™ enables low-cost wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things. The software provides everything needed for standards-based networking and is optimised with a strong feature set that accelerates development time providing fast-time-to-market for products incorporating wireless connectivity. UbiquiOS™ is built on global standards giving designers the broadest range of choices when building a product. Our efficient protocol implementations mean no compromise on functionality, security, or interoperability when using low-cost MCUs and transceivers.

The UbiquiOS connectivity platform is a user-friendly, cost effective, and secure software stack for embedded wireless applications. The stack can run on bare metal or in a RTOS and has been optimized for Cortex-M, Intel Quark and Microchip PIC32 MCU’s and supports BT, BLE, WiFi and cellular transceivers. In addition, the stack makes for easy integration into the leading cloud platforms for presentation of data and management of networks. The UbiquiOS solution can shorten time to market and provides a complete connectivity solution saving development time and money.


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