Microchip Workshops

Summary of Courses Offered

DateVenuePresenterClass / TopicCost*
3 Jul ‘18JohannesburgJohn McMurray1 Microchip IDE 102R1350
4 Jul ‘18Pretoria
31 Jul ‘18JohannesburgJohn McMurray2 C Language 102R1350
1 Aug ‘18Pretoria
28 Aug ‘18JohannesburgJohn McMurray3 AVR® & ARM Cortex® Workshop 102R1350
29 Aug ‘18Pretoria
25 Sept ‘18JohannesburgZandalee Blignaut4 BLE Embedded Applications 102R750
26 Sept ‘18Pretoria
23 Oct ‘18JohannesburgZandalee Blignaut5 Wi-Fi® Connectivity Network Controller 102R750
24 Oct ‘18Pretoria
*Cost per person, per Class/Session, inclusive of VAT and Tools to keep after course completion.

1 Microchip IDE 102

This workshop is aimed at both - experienced development engineers and those who are newcomers to the Microchip IDE environment - This is NOT a software class. This one-day workshop is to fast-track attendees into becoming familiar with the Microchip Development Environment for 8- and 16-bit PIC® MCUs using MPLAB®-X IDE and Techniques for Developing with Microchip 8/16- bit PIC® Microcontrollers.

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2 C Language 102

This one-day workshop offers techniques and skills based on the ANSI standard for the C language and is applicable to programs written for any processor using any ANSI compliant C compiler. Microchip C compilers are fully compliant with the ANSI standard for the C language.

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3 AVR® & ARM® Cortex® Workshop 102

This full-day workshop will introduce delegates to Atmel® Studio 7 and Atmel® Start (Intuitive Graphical Software Configuration) that will be used for both 8-bit AVR® and 32-bit SAM MCUs.

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4 BLE Embedded Applications 102

This hands-on course focuses on the critical design considerations in adding BLE connectivity to embedded applications and will teach delegates the fundamentals of the BLE protocol, including device roles and data transfer models and cover the ‘key’ concepts needed to create Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) applications on programmable devices.

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5 Wi-Fi® Connectivity Network Controller 102

To provide an introduction to Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n standard basics. Delegates will learn about the ‘key’ concepts needed to implement embedded Wi-Fi® connectivity to a host using a family of Network Controllers with built-in wireless (Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® ) that are driving a higher degree of integration in IoT applications.

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All courses start at 08H00. A minimum number of attendees per course will be required to proceed.
If minimum numbers are not reached, pre-registered delegates will be contacted directly to make alternative arrangements.


 Courses *
Microchip IDE 102
C Language 102
AVR® & ARM® Cortex® Workshop 102
BLE Embedded Applications
Wi-Fi® Connectivity Network Controller 102
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