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What is POURS?

POURS is a comprehensive web-based Inventory Management Solution that integrates data from multiple point of use sources to provide customers with a multi-site view of their manufacturing facilities or distribution centres.

  • POURS is a simple, easy to use tool and it can be configured to meet the specific needs of any customer’s supply chain model
  • POURS can accommodate Kanban (two bin system), VMI (vendor managed inventory) and consignment (min max level)
  • This system can manage replenishment or consignment from any supplier and the data will remain confidential and secure. POURS creates consistent processes across all material regardless of supplier
  • POURS can be run in conjunction with industry standard EDI transactions. POURS can automate transactions to and from ant EDI capable trading partner and no additional software is required
  • POURS can offer an extensive list of reports and label formats, data exportable to Excel and integration with MP/ERP systems

The Benefits of POURS:

  • Reduces the cost of procurement as PO’s do not have to be placed
  • POURS reduces inventory and frees the working capital as stock is only invoiced out once the customer uses it and scans it out of POURS
  • POURS increases manufacturing flexibility due to part availability
  • It is quick and easy to implement POURS at no cost to the customer

POURS solutions are flexible, customizable, cost-effective, & robust enough to keep up with the changing needs of your business.