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Avnet Memec I Silica understands your need to optimise the value chain while maintaining a high level of quality. To complement our specialist range of semiconductor components, we offer a range of technical services, which includes, automated and manual programming, laser marking, tape and reeling, fast turnaround prototyping, dry packaging and baking.

The programming services are fulfilled at a central Programming Service Centre based in Poing, Germany which is operated by Avnet Logistics. Avnet Logistics runs one of the largest Programming Service Centres in Europe, and is fully certified according to ISO 9001, EN 9120, ISO 14001, EN 61340-5-1&2, JESD 625, ANSI ESD S20.20 and J-STD 033.

Programming Service

Avnet Memec I Silica uses state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy all automated and manual programming requirements. The Avnet Memec I Silica Programming Service turns semiconductors into finished products - quickly and cost-effectively. Simply send us the program on a disk or via the Internet, and include your specifications for device type, manufacturer, CRC checksum, fill character, option byte and labelling information and leave the rest to us.

You save the investment in inventory and equipment and receive your devices delivered just-in-time. With a capacity of more than 40 million units per year fast turnaround for any quantity is assured. Our service supports devices for all applications, like PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash & NANDs, PLDs, FPGAs and Microcontrollers.

We employ serial, parallel and pick and place handling systems that ensure precision processing of all package and device types, including DIL, PLCC, QFP, SOIC, TSOP, BGA and SON.

In addition, there is an array of manual programming stations that are ideal for small batch sizes and for unusual devices that require special adapters in particular 600 mil DIL devices. State of the art equipment coupled with the expertise of Avnet Logistics equates to superior device support.

Laser Marking

Benefits of Laser Marking:
  • Low cost
  • Heat resistant
  • High throughput
  • No manual handling
  • Consistent quality
  • Possibility to mark small array packages like CSP and BGA

Laser marking is the preferred method for customised labelling of components for our customers. It is a fast, flexible non-contact way of labelling even for the smallest of components. The equipment used includes in-line systems integrated into the pick and place machines, as well as stand-alone laser markers.

As they are equipped with fully automatic tray and tube feeders, there is no manual device-handling involved. This ensures high throughput and cost efficiency. All these benefits have made laser marking so popular with our customers that today over 95% of the components we program are marked by laser.

Tape & Reel and Inspection

Benefits of Tape & Reeling:
  • Taping not only as add-on to programming but also as a separate service
  • All material and processes in accordance to EIA-481 standards
  • Peel force test documented for every tape
  • C of C's available for all tape material used

Avnet Memec I Silica offers taping not only as an add-on to programming, but as a stand-alone service. Our equipment can handle a capacity of more than 30 million units per year, so we are well prepared to satisfy orders of just about any quantity. All materials and processes are in accordance with the EIA481 standard. Depending on the device type, we use fully automatic machines or manual tape machines.

Fine-pitch components are handled by pick and place systems with automatic optical measurement. Finally, the covering film is heat-sealed in a precisely controlled process. To guarantee perfect quality full peel-force test documentation is available with every tape. Certificates of Conformance are available for all tape material used.

To ensure the highest quality standards we employ state of the art inspection systems to accurately measure the lead integrity to provide detailed information on the quality of the devices processed on these systems. The same lead inspection system is also used by Avnet Logistics for internal process qualification. Regular preventative maintenance ensures correct bonding and thus a maximum yield. Approximately 60% of all programmed devices are shipped on tape by Avnet Logistics.

Fast Turnaround Prototyping

Avnet Memec I Silica provides the capacity and flexibility for you to quickly turn your ideas into products, whether it is a prototype, a small evaluation batch or a full production run. It is a major part of our customer-oriented philosophy to react quickly and be flexible to any demands. We have the equipment, the specialists and the expertise to supply ready-to-use components in the shortest possible timeframe. We offer fast turnaround even for typically critical components such as EPROMs with long programming times. But even when we react quickly to demands, 100% quality and reliability is still guaranteed.

Dry Packaging & Baking

Avnet Memec I Silica's Programming Service not only uses top quality throughout the production process, but also ensures that the device arrives at your site in perfect condition. Strict quality controls are employed to guarantee that the components will run trouble-free on your production lines. All shipments are verified through barcode identification and date code control.

Our quality approach also includes environmental awareness: we use packaging materials that are bio-degradable according to DIN6120 standard. To avoid any possible problems with the soldering of certain packaging types we supply these in dry packs. This dry packaging is performed strictly in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines. Components in dry packs can be stored for a minimum of twelve months. For moisture sensitive components we use a vacuum oven to dry them at low temperature.

Quality Management

Quality is of paramount importance for Avnet Memec I Silica's Programming Services. The Avnet Logistics Programming Centre is fully certified according to ISO 9001, EN 9120, ISO 14001, EN 61340-5-1&2, JESD 625, ANSI ESD S20.20 and J-STD 033. Equally rigorous quality audits are frequently carried out and approvals provided by the leading semiconductor manufacturers and Avnet Memec I Silica's major automotive and non-automotive customers.

Avnet Logistics has a FAA (first article approval) process in place during which you are supplied with sample devices along with complete programming documentation. This allows you to test the samples before mass production, which starts only after the samples are approved.

The full production process is fully documented for traceability. The in-process quality inspection is supported by second person checks at crucial production stages, eliminating any possible operator errors. All stages of the production process are performed in an ESD-controlled environment. Additionally, only highly trained, full-time personnel are employed at the Programming Centre.

Programming Services Equipment

Avnet Logistics has invested heavily in state of the art equipment to satisfy Avnet Memec I Silica customer programming service requirements. State-of-the-art equipment coupled with the expertise of Avnet Logistics’ programmers ensures our customers are offered superior device support. The Programming Centre also has special programming equipment for ACTEL FPGA's, QuickLogic FPGA's and Neuron Chips.